Our Story

Our Story

KNKT has a history - one named Freshset. Founders, Spencer Leiske and Tanner Nault started Freshset in 2016. After two years of product development, it was clear that their belts were far and away receiving the most attention and knew it was time to shift focus.

This story is so similar to the lives of Tanner and Spencer; Best friends and teammates, their motto, “knew nothing, kept trying” has taken them many places.

From professional sports to business, they’ve come to understand that time is everything. Time spent practicing, time spent perfecting, and time spent finding their passions, experiencing new paths and creating new purpose.


The Kits

From the start, delivering a remarkably functional product that is both stylish and built to last has always been the goal. No holes, just the perfect fit, with a range of designs for all the lives we lead.  We believe we have that product and we want to share it with the world.

Whether you are on the course or in the office or just living life to the fullest, KNKT is the perfect fit belt for wherever life takes you.

KNKT Belts are available for global shipping - who knows where you might be next?



Our Mission

What’s a belt?  To some it’s just something that holds your pants up.  But to us?  To us, it represents more than that, it represents a moment. Moments that, when connected, tell the story of your life.  Every time you experience the perfect fit from your KNKT belt it’s like opening another chapter in that book you can’t seem to put down.  It’s like how you nailed that proposal, got lost in a first date, or hit that ever elusive Hole-in-One.  Each chapter, similar to the perfect fit, is able to change, grow and adapt, just like you.  So, let us take that journey with you, let us help you tell your story, let us KNKT you to the moments in life that matter.



What is KNKT?

The worst kept secret at the KNKT office is what our name stands for, “Knew Nothing, Kept Trying”.  We believe that there are a multitude of ways to succeed in life and the potential to do so lies in ALL of us.  We want to help people step outside of their comfort zone and reach for something greater, something they never thought possible in themselves.