It's All Connected

Here’s the thing: at KNKT, we don’t know what we’re doing. Given that this is our first blog post, we figured we had an obligation to get that out of the way upfront.

Now that might not be entirely true, but it certainly was when we first started: we had no idea what we were doing. Fortunately for us, through a bit (a lot) of trial and error and no small amount of persistence (we’re nothing if not stubborn), we’ve managed to fill in at least a few of those gaps. Though we’re still not sure you can call something a gap if the absence is actually total.

You might think that’s a point of embarrassment for us—and maybe we should, too—but we don’t. We’re proud of it, in fact. At KNKT, it’s how we define ourselves: not by our successes, in whatever form they might take, but by the journeys that lead to them.

Knew Nothing, Kept Trying

There’s a decent chance you already know this, but KNKT is not our first kick at this. What began as Freshset in 2016 became KNKT a few years later when we realized belts were where we wanted to focus. We decided to rebrand and breathe some new life into what had evolved from a shared motto into something more like a mission: knew nothing, kept trying—KNKT. Our brand. It’s an acronym.

Equal parts humbling and motivating, it’s a philosophy we really do believe in. Because ultimately it doesn’t matter where you start, but where you end up, and how you grow along the way.

(We’re of course talking figurative growth here, not physical, not that anyone ever bothered telling Spencer that. The point here being that he’s very big.)

All Paths Are Winding

KNKT is the culmination of that philosophy in action, and not just because the name itself is quite literally derived from it. We didn’t start with the goal of slinging belts in mind. We started with an idea—to help people look and feel their best with a few simple, functional accessories—and went from there.

With time and more than a little fine-tuning, that idea evolved into what you see today: a series of clean, versatile belt kits as well suited for the links as they are for the office. Designed without holes using a track system—fun fact: the triangles in our logo actually represent that track system—they give you the perfect fit every time. (Hey, if you can’t plug your belts on your own blog then where can you?)

At KNKT, we like to remind ourselves of where we started because it keeps us connected to what’s important: not just how much we’ve already learned and grown, but how we can continue to do so. After all, we might know more than when we started, but we probably don’t know as much as we think.

(Especially Tanner.)

Whether it’s a good belt or a winding journey, it really is all connected. So let’s connect.

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