The Blog #3 - "Look Good, Play Good"

The Rules of the Game

Golf’s really the perfect recreational sport, isn’t it? The fresh air, maybe a couple of beers, the endless sense of possibility each time you address the ball (until your swing deserts you midway through the round, anyways)—it’s pretty hard to beat.

As recreational sports go, it’s also about as technical as it gets, with more rules than you can count, all the course etiquette you need to have at least a basic grasp of, and, you know, your actual swing mechanics. Very few people pick up the sticks for the first time with a swing like Rory McIlroy’s.

(Ourselves excluded, of course. Rory can eat his heart out.)

But whether it’s keeping your backswing on plane or wondering if anyone in your foursome’s getting suspicious about how often you seem to “find” your ball after an impossibly wild tee shot—some people are just lucky, right?—there’s a nearly infinite number of things to keep track of.

Golf’s an aspirational sport for a reason: it looks easy, but it’s not.

Insider Trading

Here’s the good news: it’s not entirely about how you play the game. Sure, you can hire Hank Haney and practice like your life actually depends on it, knowing full well that you’ll never quite be as good as you’d hoped, but why would you when the right belt will serve you just as well?

(We don’t think this is a reach. Also we sell belts.)

It’s a general truth that every golfer knows, but rarely utters: it doesn’t matter if you’re a scratch golfer. What matters is that you look like one. After all, it’s great if you hold the course record, but it’s plenty good enough if you just happen to dress like the person who does.

Confident on the Course

You’d be amazed at what a versatile KNKT belt kit can do for your game. Forget all those practice hours: there’s a better-than-average chance all you’re missing is a bit of confidence—and that’s something our belts can help with.

The confidence to roll a six-foot par putt eight feet past the hole and blame it on the greens. The confidence to card your sixth triple and still believe the next hole will be different. The confidence to mark your ball closer to the hole than it really was in plain view of your group. (More than six inches is probably pushing it, just as an FYI.)

Look, we’re not saying you shouldn’t try to go low out there. By all means, rattle off a bogey-free 70 and give anyone who’ll listen the stroke-by-stroke recap. What we are saying is that it’s not the end of the world if that 70 was just on the front.

Because even if you aren’t the player you wanted to be, you can at least feel confident. And we can help you with that.

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