The Blog #2 - "Look Mom, No Holes!"

Say Hello to Holeless

You’ve all heard the saying, “Good belts are hard to find.” It goes something like that, anyways. We might be paraphrasing.

Like any aphorism, though, whether it’s real or invented (and we’re pretty sure this one’s real), it does have a certain appeal. It carries that whiff of the familiar—a suggestive kind of logic that makes it sound just sensible enough that of course it must be true.

What we’re here to tell you, and you may have seen this coming, is that it’s not. A good belt isn’t that hard to find—you just have to know what to look for.

(Alright, fine. We made that saying up so we could use it as a straw man then rebut it. We’re not going to say we’re proud of it.)

One Minor Flaw

The belt’s basic form hasn’t changed much over the years—a leather strap, punctured at intervals by a few holes, that buckles around your waist. And to be honest, in terms of staying power and practicality, that simple design has had a pretty good run.

But we can all agree those holes were a problem in need of solving, right? Your belt fits perfectly at first. Then the holes start to stretch, and the leather starts to relax, and suddenly your belt isn’t fitting quite like it should. Or maybe your waistline changes just enough that you find yourself in no man’s land—caught somewhere in that god-awful in-between space with a belt that fits either like a tool belt or a tourniquet.

Ultimately, what’s true of movie plots and cheese is equally true of belts: they’re just better without holes. (If you happen to be a Swiss cheese lover, we’re sorry but this isn’t the blog for you.)

No Holes in Sight

We’re pretty sure no one’s idea of the perfect belt—one that seamlessly blends fashion and function—includes having to gouge out a new hole whenever you reach the end of the line, or a fit that fluctuates by the day. We’ve all been there, and it’s not a great place to be.

At KNKT, we pride ourselves on offering simple, functional and (obviously) holeless belt kits, versatile enough for any size or occasion. Designed with an easy-to-use track system, they give you the best of all worlds so you can look and feel your best.

Imagine the possibilities. Or if you’re not feeling overly imaginative, you could also just spend a few minutes browsing our site instead. (Sorry—we had to.)

Because, really, we don’t think good belts are all that hard to find. And if you’ve made it to this point, you don’t have much further to look.

Tanner Nault                      Spencer Leiske

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